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Casey Pearce

Casey Pearce

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Who determines what “local” TV stations I receive?

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 3/22/17 9:13 AM

Ritter Communications will soon make some changes to our basic cable TV lineup in Northeast Arkansas/Southeast Missouri, and many customers may wonder why we’re doing so. The changes are in response to requests from several broadcast stations, and the moves are necessary to comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

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Three Steps to Quick and Easy Internet Troubleshooting

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 2/8/17 4:22 PM

If you spend much time in front of a screen, you probably know the dreaded feeling: that circle in the middle of your monitor that won’t stop spinning or the blue line that just crawls across the top of your browser as you anticipate reaching your desired destination.

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Four Tips For Reducing Your Data Usage

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 12/21/16 2:25 PM

If you’re lucky enough to find a new smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop under the tree this weekend, you're certain to spend plenty of time streaming internet radio, watching movies or playing online games with your toy.

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A New Way to Watch TV

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 11/11/16 4:26 PM

Earlier this fall, a friend invited all of the guys over to his house to watch our alma mater’s conference opener. We arrived early to hang out and enjoy the beautiful autumn day on his deck. As kickoff neared, we slowly began to make our way into his basement man cave before the host ordered us back outside. He and his son soon emerged from the house carrying the TV, which they set up right there on the patio.

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Why do I need a digital cable box?

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 8/5/16 11:24 AM

You heard the chatter. You received the flyers in the mail. By now, hopefully you’ve responded and have secured your DTA (Digital to Analog) boxes to assure your TVs are still working now that Ritter’s all-digital transition is in motion. But after attaching the boxes and learning to use your new remote, you’re still curious: why was this action necessary?

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