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Casey Pearce

Casey Pearce

Recent Posts

In-App Purchases Can Be a Pain; Here’s How to Turn Them Off!

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 4/4/18 3:29 PM

Imagine my friend’s surprise when he recently opened his bank account to find over $600 in charges from Apple. They were the result of his son playing a game on his phone, and they could have been avoided if my friend had taken a couple simple steps to safeguard himself.

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Why Is My TV Signal Scrambling?

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 3/8/18 2:01 PM

The start of fall is one of the best times of the year. The leaves are changing beautiful colors of orange, red and yellow, the weather is cool and comfortable and football season is in full swing. But there is one minor nuisance that happens in the fall that also arrives in early spring that affects TV viewing: sun outages.

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Is Your Email Address Holding Your Business Back?

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 3/5/18 9:00 AM

Email has long been the most common business communication tool in our society, and choosing the right email address can have a significant impact on your business.  Your email address can tell people who you are, build credibility and trust and give you the fluidity you need to make the best decisions for your company.

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Four Ways to Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 2/26/18 10:17 AM

In today’s instantaneous world, there are few things more frustrating than a lagging Wi-Fi signal. Whether you’re trying to stream a video, upload photos or even send a message to a friend, the slightest delay can feel like an eternity.

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Three Reasons Why Ritter Communications Is Right for Your Business

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 2/19/18 2:01 PM

Don’t jeopardize the success of your business by using old technology, and don’t partner with a telecommunications provider that can’t give your company the attention it deserves. Ritter Communications can deliver the right solutions to help improve your business’s efficiency. We believe the best formula for continued growth and success is doing what is right for our customers and the communities we serve.  Here are a few reasons why you should trust Ritter Communications to be your data, voice and cloud solutions provider. 

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What’s Your Data Disaster Recovery Plan? Get Your Head in the Cloud

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 2/13/18 12:34 PM

Mike poured his life savings and years of hard work into his business, and now it’s all gone.  During the extreme cold that hit the area last month, a pipe burst in Mike’s office building, and the resulting flood caused significant damage. His customer database, billing information and inventory log were all destroyed, leaving Mike scrambling to get his business running again.

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Four Reasons You’ll Love Having Netflix on Your DVR

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 1/3/18 10:06 AM

Ritter Communications recently announced an upgrade to the Ritter Whole Home DVR that gives customers access to Netflix on their TV through their DVR. If you don’t own a tablet or mobile device capable of streaming video through services like Netflix, you can now open the door to thousands of movies and shows through a Ritter Communications device.

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Give your Wi-Fi Signal a Boost With a Range Extender

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 12/14/17 11:11 AM

If you’re having problems with your wireless signal in certain areas of home, you might be able to solve the issue with a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment that doesn’t even require a call to your internet service provider.

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Open Internet & Ritter Communications: Where We Stand

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 11/28/17 8:35 AM

Over the past few months, you may have seen a number of news stories or social media posts about potential changes to how, and whether, the internet is regulated by the federal government.  The frequency of those messages increased last week as a Dec. 14 vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning the changes grows near.

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Ritter is Fighting For You

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 10/2/17 2:43 PM

Whether you’re a casual watcher or someone whose main source of entertainment is television, your local channels are sure to be among the most important ones you receive. You rely on them for local news, weather and sports as well as network specials and highly-popular primetime programming.  You deserve access to your local stations, and you deserve the ability to receive them at a reasonable price. Sometimes, there are factors beyond our control that impact costs. One factor is broadcast TV fees, and Ritter Communications is going to bat for you to keep those fees  reasonable. A decades-old federal law empowers broadcasters to charge fees to local cable providers like Ritter for the rights to carry or “retransmit” their signals.  Over the coming weeks, we will be negotiating fees with corporate broadcasters for the rights to carry broadcast signals from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and the CW. Our goal is to sign deals for the programming you want at reasonable monthly fees and to avoid a situation where corporate broadcasters remove popular programs to play hardball in negotiations. But what used to be an easy business transaction is no longer. Broadcast TV fees are a growing source of income for corporate broadcasters, and that can create challenges when it comes to these negotiations. The corporate leaders of the broadcast stations are not members of our community, so they are not negatively impacted by the outcomes of these negotiations as we all are. While it is too early to know how these negotiations will turn out, Ritter Communications wants to make it clear we are focused on making sure our customers can watch local news, enjoy family night in front of the TV and cheer on your favorite teams. We know you have many choices for TV and video viewing, and we share your desire for the lowest price for quality TV programming. We will continue to keep you informed about these negotiations over the next few weeks. As part of our “Right by You” pledge, we are committed to providing you with the best service at the lowest possible cost. That’s why we’ll continue to negotiate hard to secure the lowest possible rates and ensure uninterrupted coverage. We've created a website to keep you updated on negotiation status with each station. Click here to see the stations with which we're currently negotiating in your area. You can visit KeepTheConnections.com to learn more about the retransmission negotiation process. Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about retransmission concent. Tweet this article to your friends!

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