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Business Continuity and Other Options to Increase Protection

Rodney Adams - MCSE, MCSA By Rodney Adams - MCSE, MCSA on 11/1/17 11:34 AM

Edited by Airek Beauchamp, PhD

As I work with customers, they often call looking for guidance on ways to protect their business. We recommend Veeam and that suite of business continuity solutions for most protection scenarios. Veeam is a fantastic product and gives incredible protection, but for specific-use cases it can be helpful to deploy other tools at hand. In this post we will touch on Active Directory (AD) and ways you can protect one of your most critical systems.

AD is almost 20 years old and that longevity has made it a very rich product. It was built to replicate data globally in the most efficient and cautious way possible. With that being a design requirement from the start, let’s look at some of the features baked in that require no third party.

One of the configurations I often propose is setting up additional domain controllers outside of the physical plant. For small shops with few buildings, this is especially critical, but any business should consider this in the Disaster Recovery strategy.  Things like fires and tornados are devastating but smaller problems such as power outages can grind your business to a halt.

Using the native Multi-Master replication, you simply ‘spin up’ an AD server in your private cloud, connect it securely over your Layer 2 Ritter Network and enable replication. A few technical considerations would be changing the replication time to your private cloud (by default it is 15 minutes) to something appropriate, and absolutely make sure that IP Sites are properly mapped. Once AD is replicated, you now have a lag copy from the last interval the replication was ran.

You may ask yourself, what if a user is deleted by mistake? This is why backups are always critical, but this new resiliency provides protection from power outages and server hardware failure and is the first step to fully protecting your business by allowing your users to function.  One last bonus, in most cases, is this fits into your capacity with no additional license cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Ritter’s private cloud solution can provide features that might have been cost prohibitive before, click here to schedule a consultation.


Topics: Cloud Platform, Disaster Recovery

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