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Four Reasons You’ll Love Having Netflix on Your DVR

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 1/3/18 10:06 AM

Ritter Communications recently announced an upgrade to the Ritter Whole Home DVR that gives customers access to Netflix on their TV through their DVR. If you don’t own a tablet or mobile device capable of streaming video through services like Netflix, you can now open the door to thousands of movies and shows through a Ritter Communications device.

But even if you already watch Netflix on an iPad, Kindle, Galaxy or laptop, there are some real conveniences you can enjoy by giving yourself the ability to utilize the app on your Whole Home DVR.  Here are a few.

  1. Sharing is Caring – It’s easy to plug your headphones into your tablet and dive into your favorite movie or show, but sharing the experience with a friend is a little difficult on the small screen. With Netflix through your DVR, the whole family can gather around the TV and enjoy a flick or a sitcom together.
  1. One-click Convenience – It’s easy to plug your tablet or a device like an Apple TV into your TV to utilize apps, but doing so requires you to use a different remote control, switch your “input” on your TV, locate the auxiliary device and find your program. By utilizing your DVR, you don’t have to change anything. Just fire up Netflix or Pandora through the same menu you use to watch TV without the hassle of switching to another device.
  1. Kid Friendly – “On Demand” children’s content is a huge help for parents. Kids know what they want, and they always want it immediately! My three year-old doesn’t have the patience to sit and watch a show on a tablet, but he loves having a children’s program on while he plays in the floor. Netflix provides tons of options for the kids, and they can watch their show on the TV while enjoying other activities at the same time.
  1. The Power Within – It seems like every time I pick up my tablet, the battery is either dead or on life support. I have to hunt down a charger and sit close enough to the wall to keep my device plugged in while I watch my show. Since your DVR isn’t a wireless device, you never have to worry about having enough juice to enjoy Netflix, and you never have to be tethered to that little white power cord.

To improve the way you watch Netflix, you can add a Whole Home DVR to your current package by or calling 888.336.4466.

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