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How the internet network is shared (Pizza Analogy)

Natalie Fleeman By Natalie Fleeman on 1/7/19 7:55 AM


We all know that one person that you never want to invite to a pizza party. When the pie arrives, they’ll grab six slices, leaving just a few for the rest of the group.

As strange as it may sound, a similar situation is taking place with our network.  Like the pizza order, there’s only so much data available, and unfortunately, a small percentage of users are consuming so much that it’s negatively impacting everyone else’s experience.  We’ve invested millions of dollars – and continue to do so - into our network to improve our quality of service, but when too much data is consumed by one or two extreme users, it can cause problems for everyone else. 

With the use of internet in the household increasing year over year, we have to put practices in place to protect the network so there is enough for everyone. So as of January 1, 2019, Ritter Communications is implementing data plans for residential customers that correlate to the speed of our internet packages. The plans will ensure everyone has a better experience.

Most customers don’t come anywhere close to using the full plan, and nearly 90% of those on our network will NOT have to adjust their usage habits to stay within their plan.  As part of the changes, we’ve added a feature to our online account that allows you to track your monthly usage.

When you’ve used 75%, 85%, 95% and 100% of your data, you’ll see a message appear every time you open your web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer. As a courtesy, we’ll also send you an email each time you reach one of those marks to let you know you’re close to incurring a charge and may need to upgrade your plan.

If you go over your data plan, you’ll still have access to the internet, and we won’t throttle your speed. You will, however, be charged $10 for every 50GB of data you use above your plan.

Here are our new monthly data plans, as determined by your internet speed package:



Price Per Month

Data Allowance

200 Mbps Unlimited



200 Mbps


1.5 TB

100 Mbps


1.25 TB

50 Mbps


1 TB

30 Mbps


750 GB

15 Mbps


500 GB


We’ve created several resources to help educate our customers about our data plans and how internet use works. Click here to view our website that contains a video tutorial and an FAQ section.  There’s also a blog available with some helpful tips for reducing your internet usage.  

To view our plan options or upgrade your internet plan, please click here.

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