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Three Steps to Quick and Easy Internet Troubleshooting

By Casey Pearce on 2/8/17 4:22 PM

If you spend much time in front of a screen, you probably know the dreaded feeling: that circle in the middle of your monitor that won’t stop spinning or the blue line that just crawls across the top of your browser as you anticipate reaching your desired destination.

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NEA High School Basketball Takes Center Court on Tubetown!

By Ritter Communications on 12/28/16 12:00 PM

This year, high school sports fans, parents and supporters all over northeast Arkansas will be showing up courtside to cheer on their favorite high school basketball teams — and we're bringing several of these games to you live from Tubetown, Channel 21, and online at tubetownonline.com!

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Four Tips For Reducing Your Data Usage

By Casey Pearce on 12/21/16 2:25 PM

If you’re lucky enough to find a new smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop under the tree this weekend, you're certain to spend plenty of time streaming internet radio, watching movies or playing online games with your toy.

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A New Way to Watch TV

By Casey Pearce on 11/11/16 4:26 PM

Earlier this fall, a friend invited all of the guys over to his house to watch our alma mater’s conference opener. We arrived early to hang out and enjoy the beautiful autumn day on his deck. As kickoff neared, we slowly began to make our way into his basement man cave before the host ordered us back outside. He and his son soon emerged from the house carrying the TV, which they set up right there on the patio.

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We're Taking High School Football to the Next Level!

By Ritter Communications on 9/29/16 10:57 AM

Most of our customers love Tubetown because of its coverage of events and happenings in the local communities we serve — and one of the most popular features covered by Tubetown is high school football in the fall. This year, Tubetown has upped its game by offering live access to to all recorded games online, anytime!

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Five Reasons to Keep Your Home Phone

By Samantha Martin on 9/23/16 8:30 AM

Many people think a landline phone is an old, outdated technology that belongs in a museum instead of their living room. However, traditional phone service still has a lot to offer even in the era of cell phones and phablets. Here are five great advantages to consider before ditching your landline. 

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How much Bandwidth is enough?

By Kyle Keith on 9/1/16 2:40 PM

Have you ever tried drinking a milkshake through a coffee straw?  It’s nearly impossible. What if you had a normal straw, or even a giant straw that is two, three or four times the size of the normal straw?  The milkshake would flow easily so you could consume that sugary treat much more efficiently.

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Why do my download speeds not match my internet service speeds?

By Tony McKay on 8/23/16 10:00 AM

How many times have you been downloading a file from your favorite internet browser and the progress window makes you question whether you’re getting all of your internet speed?  You might see a speed like “1.5 MB/s” listed in the progress screen when your internet service speed is supposed to be 15 mb/s and think, “I’m only getting 10 percent of my speed!”  Now you’re ready to call technical support and find out why. Before you pick up the phone, notice the capitalization of “MBs” above and read a little further.

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Why do I need a digital cable box?

By Casey Pearce on 8/5/16 11:24 AM

You heard the chatter. You received the flyers in the mail. By now, hopefully you’ve responded and have secured your DTA (Digital to Analog) boxes to assure your TVs are still working now that Ritter’s all-digital transition is in motion. But after attaching the boxes and learning to use your new remote, you’re still curious: why was this action necessary?

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Why you (and your customers) should care about your business phone system

By Ritter Communications on 6/7/16 9:23 AM

Businesses expand, contract and constantly change. Even if a business remains consistent, clients and technology will continue to advance. Like it or not, change is always happening, so it’s essential that the phone system that connects your business to your clients changes as well. A landline and an answering machine won’t cut it in 2016.

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