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How Do I Know if My Phone System Is Out of Date?

By Ritter Communications on 5/9/16 7:00 AM

We all know the excitement of turning on a new cell phone for the first time. The speed, the clarity, the functionality that comes with new technology and the stark contrast when compared to the slow, dated tech you upgraded from. 

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How Can a VoIP Phone System Improve My Business?

By Ritter Communications on 3/1/16 7:46 AM

When looking for ways to give your business a competitive advantage, you can’t leave any stone unturned. Like any other aspect of your company, even the phone system can be a game changer.  With so many ways to communicate, phones are often overlooked or taken for granted, but the telephone is still a valuable lifeline for almost any business — tying you, suppliers, clients and customers together.

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Why is the Internet not Working? [Infographic]

By Natalie Fleeman on 12/15/15 3:15 PM

A crash course on connectivity: Understanding the Internet keeps you connected to it better. We’ve all been there. You’re trying to send a photo through an email, but it bounces back. You’re listening to a song, but it suddenly stops. You’re watching Netflix and you see that frustrating moving circle and the word “buffering.” You’re on a video chat and the person you’re talking to freezes in mid air.

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3 Reasons Every Business Needs a Wi-Fi Guest Network.

By John Travis on 10/23/15 2:00 PM

Consumers are demanding access to Wi-Fi. Whether you’re giving vendors and clients access to your work network or allowing employees to use their personal devices, businesses need a guest network. You’ve been there. That presumptuous person pulls up your network and asks for the password. They’re standing there with their fingers on the keyboard, waiting to type it into the device and store it forever. Then there’s that awkward moment as you decide if you want them to have it.

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What Makes Fiber Optic Superior

By John Travis on 8/13/15 6:30 AM

In a world clamoring for more and faster data consumption, fiber optic is becoming a hotter and hotter commodity.

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Internet speeds slowing down your Business?

By John Travis on 7/15/15 10:00 AM

High speed Internet is as valuable to your company as electricity and employees. Are your Internet speeds slowing down your business?

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Understanding the Financial Impact of an Internet Outage

By John Travis on 7/10/15 10:00 AM

No Internet service provider can guarantee their network will be up 100% of the time. Regardless, you need a reliable high speed internet connection; because the financial impact of an Internet outage can mount up quickly.  

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Know Your Millennial Customers: Think “Broadband Baby Boomers”

By Ritter Communications on 4/17/15 10:00 AM

The latest generation now reaching its early thirties—which means prime consumer age—is the Millennials. Born from 1981 to the mid-1990s, this generation grew up with advanced technology. From mobile phones and social media to online reviews and streaming video, Millennials are masters of the digital age making the most of high speed Internet.

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Business broadband: fire hose or garden hose

By John Travis on 3/19/15 9:30 AM

There is a lot of discussion about broadband, but what is broadband? Really?

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Why Managed Voice is a smart business move

By Ritter Communications on 3/12/15 9:30 AM

Managed Voice, or managed PBX, phone systems are growing in popularity. They’re scalable, dependable, and have the features you really want. Business owners are looking at these reasons and realizing they’re a shrewd choice.

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