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MegaLife & Data: How do you compare on Internet data usage?

Natalie Fleeman By Natalie Fleeman on 11/9/15 2:00 PM

When it comes to the Internet, data is king, queen, and court. That’s why understanding how you use data on the Internet—and how MUCH you use for WHAT—leads to a better online experience.

According to TechTerms, Internet Data is information processed or stored by a computer, such as text documents, images, audio/video clips, software programs or other types of data.

First, let's establish the most important thing to know - what you are doing online determines the amount of data you are using. For example, streaming a movie uses a lot more data than downloading a picture. Listening to music takes a lot more data than uploading a small file.

The accompanying infographic demonstrates how much data the average North American consumes on common activities and a brief explanation of the measurement of data. Click here if you'd like to view a byte converter. 

And don’t forget — the more Internet speed you have, the more data you can use. That's where Ritter can help! Click here to request a free quote on Internet services.


Topics: Technology, internet education, Internet data usage

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