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Need Help Finding The Game? Here’s a Great Resource

By Casey Pearce on 9/6/18 8:30 AM

For some of us, the “most wonderful time of the year” arrives in early September rather than late December.  Football season gives me plenty of reasons to bury myself in my couch at least six days or nights a week…or at least as many as my wife will let me!

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Disaster Recovery Can Save Your Business From Ruin

By Ritter Communications on 8/16/18 12:27 PM

Your business data faces a number of threats at any time. Even if your employees are leery about opening shady emails and you have installed the latest antivirus software, a sparky space heater or a busted pipe can leave your business in hot water in more ways than one. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your data and information so you never skip a beat.  What is Disaster Recovery?

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We’re Here to Help

By Casey Pearce on 8/1/18 8:43 AM

Ritter Communications prides itself on providing a superior customer service experience. We monitor our network health around the clock and we work to remedy issues that may cause service disruption for our customers.

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We Make It Easy

By Casey Pearce on 7/9/18 1:40 PM

A few years ago, Sheryl Crow wrote a song called “Easy” about how much she appreciates the convenience of a “staycation.” Rather than going through the hassle of travel, she was content to stay home and enjoy a simple vacation. The bigger point is that people value convenience. We like things to be easy.

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Where’s the Best Location To Place My Router?

By Casey Pearce on 7/3/18 9:42 AM

Ritter Communications Presents at CiscoLive!

By John Travis on 6/28/18 4:44 PM

The unique way we put our Hosted Solutions environment together earned two of our cloud engineers an invitation to present at Cisco Live on June 12, 2018 in Orlando. Cisco Live is a semi-annual event attended by thousands of IT professionals.  Seminars and training focus on Cisco products, solutions and services. The Ritter Communications session focused on our solution, how we put it together and our plans for the future. To view the entire technical presentation, click the video link below.

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Use Caution With Third-Party Billing Websites

By Casey Pearce on 6/25/18 10:17 AM

Ritter Communications provides our customers with a number of convenient ways to pay their bills. We recently became aware of a company that’s creating some confusion when it comes to that process, so we want to give you some pointers to make sure we receive your payment accurately and efficiently.

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What's the Story About Ritter Communications?

By Casey Pearce on 6/15/18 12:11 PM

More than 100 years ago, Ritter Communications installed our first telephone exchange, and we’ve proudly helped connect people and businesses in this region for over a century. We love serving businesses in Arkansas and Tennessee because we ourselves are a local business that cares deeply about the success of our communities.

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Was Your Equipment Impacted By Recent Russian Malware Attack?

By Casey Pearce on 5/29/18 5:33 PM

The cyber world is under constant attack, and last week the United States FBI intervened to help protect Americans from a massive malware threat created by a Russian military intelligence agency. According to the New York Times, the attack infected thousands of routers and is capable of blocking internet traffic, collecting information and disabling infected devices.

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Using Default Passwords? Think Again!

By Casey Pearce on 5/17/18 11:54 AM

We’ve previously shared reasons why it’s extremely important to password protect your home Wi-Fi network. A recent story from WATN in Memphis sheds light on the importance of protecting EVERY device in your home that’s connected to the internet.

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