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Live Your Best Gig Life Now

Meet the Gig Family and why they are loving their Gig Speed Internet When it comes to living your best online life, Gig Speed is a MUST! That’s because it allows you to do all the things you love without worrying about other people stealing your bandwidth or your signal lagging or buffering. Gig Speed is the perfect speed for the family that lives their online life in the fast lane, just like The Gigs do:
Distance Makes A Difference family

WiFi: Distance Makes a Difference

A centrally located router improves signal strength in every room! Whenyou have WiFi, your router is literally a beacon. It beams a signal throughout your home that your various devices can connect with. In order to enjoy the best...
Data Security for Employees

Key Aspects to Data Security for all Employees

Whether you are a two-person team or a large corporation, it is critical that every employee is doing their part to keep the company safe from cyber-attacks. This means ensuring every employee has been educated on the fundamental aspects...
Data Security Strategy

The Basics of Developing a Data Security Strategy

We live in a groundbreaking time of technological innovation which increases productivity and financial efficiency betters communication and allows for easier access to information. Unfortunately, this advancement also allows hackers to...

Why should I connect via Ethernet instead of wifi?

In this day-and-age, our phones are getting smarter, our tablets are getting thinner and our computers are getting smaller. The advances made with today’s technology, specific to the internet, may cause some confusion for the everyday user...

Ransomware: could paying the ransom be illegal?

In some cases, the answer is a resounding yes. It all depends on who’s holding your data hostage. According to a November 2018 press release by the US Treasury department, if the payee of ransomware turns out to be someone the government...

Need Help Finding The Game? Here’s a Great Resource

For some of us, the “most wonderful time of the year” arrives in early September rather than late December.  Football season gives me plenty of reasons to bury myself in my couch at least six days or nights a week…or at least as many as my...

Disaster Recovery Can Save Your Business From Ruin

Your business data faces a number of threats at any time. Even if your employees are leery about opening shady emails and you have installed the latest antivirus software, a sparky space heater or a busted pipe can leave your business in...