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Don't Let the Heat Beat Your Devices

Casey Pearce By Casey Pearce on 7/31/17 2:36 PM
ipad overheating.jpg

Last weekend, a friend invited my family over for a dip in his pool, and on a 100-degree July afternoon, we were happy to take him up on the offer. I left my phone on a pool-side table as we were swimming, and when I got out to check a text message, I was greeted with an alert from my phone that it had overheated. After a few moments in the air conditioning, my phone was good to go, but the incident served as a reminder that during the dog days of summer, it’s important to take care of our technology devices.  

Extreme temperatures - both hot and cold - can cause serious damage to phones and laptops.  Heat can make your hard drive or battery expand, and it can diminish the life of your battery.  Humidity can also wreak havoc on your devices. It can cause condensation to build up inside, which of course is bad for anything electronic.

Generally once it hits 90 degrees, you should shield your laptop and smartphone from the heat. Remember that the inside of your car will get hotter than the outside, even as much as 140 degrees.  It can be a pain to unload your laptop and take it into your house each night, but it’s highly recommended that you do so.  Aside from the heat, thieves often look for laptop bags in cars and quickly strike when they spot one.

It’s important for you to take steps to protect your devices by keeping them out of direct sunlight and storing them in secure, temperature-controlled environments.  You can also safeguard yourself from any potential issues by purchasing device protection, such as our GUARDware product, which covers up to eight devices (cell phones, laptops, TVs and tablets) for a small monthly fee. To learn more about how to proactively defend your devices from potential accidents - such as heat damage - visit our website.

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