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Live Your Best Gig Life Now

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Meet the Gig Family and why they are loving their Gig Speed Internet

When it comes to living your best online life, Gig Speed is a MUST! That’s because it allows you to do all the things you love without worrying about other people stealing your bandwidth or your signal lagging or buffering. Gig Speed is the perfect speed for the family that lives their online life in the fast lane, just like The Gigs do:

Trey’s only worry is whether his team is going to score the winning points!

For Trey, it all comes down to the big game. An avid sports fan, he does not want to miss a minute of the action. From Monday Night Football to the World Series, he has his own cheering section from the couch. With his best Gig Life connection, he is not worried about a single play being left in the buffer-zone and it truly allows him to experience the game’s biggest moments in real time.

Tera never worries about the rest of the family slowing her down online.

Tera is a busy mom juggling life from her laptop. A hybrid worker by day, she depends on a strong signal at home to keep her connected to her clients—and everything that’s going on at the office. After signing off for the day, she’s known to decompress with an “add to cart” hobby of online shopping. She’ll scour all the latest influencers for the best bargains and latest and greatest gadgets to keep her home organized and running smoothly—living her best Gig life, one lightning deal at a time.

Blaze used to get frustrated when his game would lag, but now, he’s just in it to win it!

When it comes to needing the fastest speed and the most bandwidth, Blaze comes in first every time. He’s got an iPad for classroom assignments, a PlayStation for hours of Fortnite, and a Switch for endless days of gaming on the go. Blaze is always connected! His best Gig life looks like hours of gameplay and never missing any action.

GiGi’s binge watching is non-stop with Gig Speed internet—and she loves every minute of it!

As an avid streamer, binger, digital reader and video chatter, a strong Gig connection is just as important to GiGi as it is to everyone else. Living her best Gig life means she never has to worry about missing out on all her favorite online shows, books, and group chats!

Do you use the internet like The Gigs—lots of people doing lots of things online at once with lots of devices? If that’s the case, Gig Speed internet might be the right speed for you!

For more information on living your best Gig Life and to learn more about The Gigs, visit rittercommunications.com/giglife.

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