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Mobilegeddon: Is Your Website Ready?

John Travis By John Travis on 5/21/15 11:15 AM


Is your website mobile friendly? If not, your webpages are slipping further down in the search results. The time to optimize your site is now.

While you’re reading this, the google software robots are crawling through the entire universe of webpages looking at the source code of each page, cataloging keywords, and indexing the photos. They do all of this so they can present the most relevant information at the top of your search results.  

In April 2015 Google’s algorithm starting giving preference to sites that are mobile friendly. With the ever increasing number of smartphones accessing websites it is more important than ever for websites to be optimized for these smaller screens.

Your company’s information may be exactly what someone is hoping to find, but you will get shuffled to the back of the line if Google determines your site is unfriendly to mobile devices.  

If you are unsure how your website stacks up, don’t worry. Google has a tool that will quickly scan your website to check its mobile friendliness. Click here, type in your web address, and let Google’s robots check your site.

If your site is mobile friendly, you’ll get a green box and congratulatory message from Google.


If it isn’t up to par, you’ll get a red mark and a list of tips to optimize your site.


Don’t wait. Click through to Google’s site analyzer and make sure your information isn’t getting lost in the shuffle.


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