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Profit & Revenue of the Internet Giants

John Travis By John Travis on 12/2/15 8:09 AM

Click above to view the full version [h/t pennystocks.la]..

Cyber Monday was just two days ago, and there were record revenues being reported all over. I heard reports of websites crashing from the amount of traffic and even PayPal had trouble keeping up.

That made me think about a calculator I recently stumbled on that shows how quickly the Internet Giants are accumulating wealth.

From the moment the page loads, it starts calculating the profit and revenue of Internet Giants like Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google. Each passing second makes the totals go higher and higher. Pay close attention to how much more quickly Apple’s wealth increases than everyone else.

When you start to feel bad about your annual income, you can switch over to their internet data calculator and watch how much data is being transferred every second.

Both are pretty amazing to watch.



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