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Virtual field trips offer schools unprecedented access

John Travis By John Travis on 1/27/15 7:00 AM


Field trips are the highlight of a school year. They make lesson material come to life and add a real world touch to any subject. Broadband opens opportunities that have never been available before.

School budgets are getting tighter. The decision to allow kids off campus gets increasingly more difficult every year. Even under the best of circumstances, students may only have the opportunity to go on one or two fieldtrips a year.

Virtual field trips offer a safe and affordable alternative to permission slips and school busses. With a dependable broadband connection, classes can visit the inside of an octopus tank, the space station, ancient ruins, and places all over the world.

Take 2 minutes and watch this video. It will give you a taste of the amazing interactive opportunities made available with broadband Internet. 


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