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Widen Your Highway With 100 Meg Internet

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If you spent much time on the road this summer, maybe while traveling to a family vacation, you more than likely drove through multiple construction zones. Throughout the country, crews are widening highways to allow increased levels of traffic to pass through more efficiently.

Interestingly, the same thing is happening on the Information Highway. Demand for internet continues to grow exponentially, and to meet that demand, internet service providers must “widen their roads” by investing in their networks.  Improvements we’ve made to our network have allowed us to recently begin offering 100 meg internet service to our Northeast Arkansas cable customers, which doubles the previous highest speeds available.

If you and your family spend much time streaming video, playing online games or surfing the web, you may benefit greatly by upgrading your service. The four main factors that determine how “fast” or “slow” your internet works are: 1) the number of devices in your household; 2) the types of activities being performed on them; 3) your devices’ ability to handle the traffic or speed; and 4) how many megabits per second your internet speed delivers.

The more devices you have in your home, and the more heavy-usage internet activities in which your family participates, the wider the road necessary to handle all the traffic. If your family members are constantly battling for bandwidth, consider adding more lanes to your connection by upgrading to 100 meg internet service to help meet your demands.

To learn more about how you can sign up to get the fastest Internet speeds in your area, call your local Ritter Communications office today at 888-336-4466 or visit www.rittercommunications.com/solutions-for-home.

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