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Working From Home

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Optimizing your remote experience

With many of us swapping our office desk for the dining table or home studio, having a stable and speedy internet connection has never been more crucial. High speed internet is no longer a luxury but an essential cornerstone for anyone working from home to achieve success, productivity and a healthy work-life balance.

But not all remote working scenarios and situations are equal. Like most things digital, optimizing your home setup can produce better results. Let’s look at a few ways to do that.


The foundation for all work-from-home success starts with your connection to the internet. It should be as fast as you can afford, because higher speeds improve everything: how quickly apps and software operations work as well as how efficiently
smart home accessories perform.

If you can get Gig-speed internet, great! The minimum speed will depend on how many total devices (including phones, security system equipment, televisions, computers, etc.) you have connected. But for most homes, anything less than 200 mbps will probably be underpowered for working remotely.

Nothing is more frustrating than a productivity tool crashing just because it maxed out the internet. High-speed connectivity is the antidote to slow WiFi anxiety. Invest in the best internet your budget allows.


The number of off-the-shelf communication, project management, data storage, time tracking and other collaborative workspace tools is large and growing. Almost all of them rely on web-based programming and information sharing technologies, which means they are only as effective as your internet speed enables them to be.

Microsoft Teams or Slack are both great at handling real-time messaging, file sharing and team comms—but only if there’s adequate bandwidth. Trello or Asana are fantastic for tracking tasks, setting deadlines and monitoring project progress.

Harvest or Clockify shine at capturing, allocating and analyzing your time.

Clear, glitch-free video conferencing is a modern essential for remote teams, as is the need for increased download speeds.


Gadgets can enhance remote working by improving productivity, comfort and efficiency. Here are some gadgets that can dramatically optimize your remote working experience.

WiFi Extenders
A simple change of scenery can boost creativity in an instant. Don’t be afraid to veer away from your wifi router. Wifi extenders help you move freely from room to room without losing connection or compromising your internet speed.

Noise Canceling Headphones 
Block out distractions with noise-cancelling headphones. This modern technology is readily available to fit any budget, for as low as $20 up to high-end, high performance brands upwards of $500.

Camera and Microphone
Allow your co-workers to feel like you’re in the room with a high-definition camera for video conferencing. And don’t forget a professional grade microphone to deliver your audio clearly for each call.

Smart Lighting
Hi-tech illumination solutions, such as smart bulbs or light strips, allow you to customize the ambiance of your workspace, adjust lighting levels, and create an optimal working environment that boosts productivity and reduces eye strain.

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse
Fatigue of your wrist or arms can slow down your productivity. Invest in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse for the support that keeps you going strong all day long.


Internet connectivity is the lifeline for remote workers, and higher speeds power higher performance. Getting the speed you need lets you maximize software tools and activities, and add powerful productivity-enhancing gadgets and accessories.

When your professional life happens remotely, investing in fast internet and optimizing your tools pays big dividends.

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