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6 Steps to a More Successful Tech Support Call

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Quick tips to ensure calling tech support is as stress-free as possible.

Everyone loves technology—and most importantly—everyone loves it when their technology is working properly. Unfortunately, the very nature of technology ensures that there will be small glitches and hiccups here and there, whether it’s a broken internet connection, weather-interrupted service problems, or device malfunctions.

So, sometimes, you must call Technical Support.  When you do, your call can go much smoother with just a little preparation. In fact, you can ensure our friendly Technical Support representatives will be able to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible by following these simple tips:

  1. Search Engine Solutions 
    Take a second to consult a search engine. You might be surprised! Siri might have the answer you’re looking for or Google might help you find a forum where someone has faced the same problem you are having and they found the perfect solution. *Be cautious of attempting technical skills that you might not feel comfortable with and make sure that the information can be trusted.
  2. Nail Down the Details 
    Gather your basic account numbers, equipment model details and any other information you might need to complete your call. Having this information handy will help troubleshooting the problem be as efficient as possible and get you back online in no time.
  3. Collect Your Thoughts 
    It’s always helpful to jot down a few notes before you make the call. Write down the scenario leading up to the problem, when the problem occurred and what all you’ve done so far to address the problem.
  4. Time the Call Well  While customer service is a #1 priority for all telecommunication and technology-based companies, you may find shorter hold times in the mornings. Mondays also have a historically higher call volume, so perhaps plan your call for later in the week.
  5. Stay Level Headed 
    Although we understand that calling customer service and tech support can be frustrating, it helps if everyone on the call stays calm and can talk through and address any concerns calmly and concisely. *Remember that the representative on the other side of the call wants to help you as much as you want help – we are all human, so be kind and calm.
  6. Wrap up Well 
    As you wrap up your call, be sure to get a reference or ticket number and the name of the Technical Support representative you spoke with. This will ensure that you can reference the call or the agent as needed.

Bonus Tip: Leave the equipment in its original location and inspect wires to ensure they are tight, and nothing has been disconnected. 

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