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We’re Here to Help

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here to helpRitter Communications prides itself on providing a superior customer service experience. We monitor our network health around the clock and we work to remedy issues that may cause service disruption for our customers.

We realize that with technical products and services things may go occasionally wrong, and we’re invested in supporting our customers and resolving issues quickly and with ease. 

Recent customer feedback highlights that customers who interact with our Technical Support technicians are twice as likely to recommend Ritter Communications as a service provider.  We resolve three out of four reported issues without sending a technician to a customer’s home.  This helps get our customers back to doing the things they enjoy, without the need to wait for a technician visit. Most issues are resolved with a quick phone call lasting less than 10 minutes.  Our average speed of answer is under two minutes and nine out of 10 issues reported are resolved on the first phone call!

Wireless devices are prevalent in today’s homes and the majority of internet connections rely on wireless home networks. This introduces unique environmental issues with which customers must contend.  To address this, our Technical Support team recently implemented a new tool that can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot a number of home wireless issues. Our diagnostic app, compatible with popular phones and tablets, can scan a customer’s home network, providing our technicians a complete view of data speeds, the number of devices connected to the home network, the frequency in use, and potential signal interference. In just a few minutes, we have a full picture of what’s happening in the home so we can provide solutions.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Ritter Communications service, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’d love the opportunity to help.

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