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Tony McKay

Tony McKay
Director, Network Ops

Recent Posts

Risks of Hosting an Open Wi-Fi Network

Tony McKay By Tony McKay on 5/5/17 4:35 PM

With the ever-increasing frequency of cyberattacks and identity theft, internet subscribers need to be aware of the risks associated with hosting an open/unsecured Wi-Fi network.  It’s dangerous to leave the keys to the kingdom on your doorstep, or even worse, not lock the castle at all. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to password protect your Wi-Fi.

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Why do my download speeds not match my internet service speeds?

Tony McKay By Tony McKay on 8/23/16 10:00 AM

How many times have you been downloading a file from your favorite internet browser and the progress window makes you question whether you’re getting all of your internet speed?  You might see a speed like “1.5 MB/s” listed in the progress screen when your internet service speed is supposed to be 15 mb/s and think, “I’m only getting 10 percent of my speed!”  Now you’re ready to call technical support and find out why. Before you pick up the phone, notice the capitalization of “MBs” above and read a little further.

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