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What's the difference between Internet speed and data?

Natalie Fleeman By Natalie Fleeman on 11/4/15 2:00 PM

When it comes to the Internet knowing 1) how much speed you need and 2) how much data you consume is important.

That’s why understanding the difference between speed and data is a critical part of your internet IQ!

  1. Internet Speed —According to PC Mag, internet speed is the performance of an Internet connection and is based on the rate of bits per second that data travels from a user's device to the internet (upload) and from the internet (download) to a user’s device.
  2. Internet Data — According to TechTerms, internet data is information processed or stored by a computer, such as text documents, images, audio/video clips, software programs or other types of data.

This infographic helps explain speed (bits per second) and data (bytes) — because the more you know about how you use the internet the better!


 Check your internet speed by clicking here. 

Internet Speed Test

Topics: Technology, internet education

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