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A New Way to Watch TV

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Earlier this fall, a friend invited all of the guys over to his house to watch our alma mater’s conference opener. We arrived early to hang out and enjoy the beautiful autumn day on his deck. As kickoff neared, we slowly began to make our way into his basement man cave before the host ordered us back outside. He and his son soon emerged from the house carrying the TV, which they set up right there on the patio.

The friend explained that he recently purchased a new DVR system that utilized wireless boxes, which allowed him to easily move them through his house, or in this case to his outside patio. We got to watch the game while continuing to take in the sunshine and fresh air. The atmosphere – combined with a big win by our team – contributed to a fantastic afternoon.

Ritter’s Whole Home DVR Solution can change the way you watch TV, just like it did for me and my buddies. “Mobile” is a great description for the Whole Home DVR Solution. You can move the boxes around or outside your house like we did for the game, you can use your mobile device as a remote control for the system, and the free Follow Me TV App allows you to set recordings and parental controls remotely. If you forget to record your favorite show before you leave your house, you can grab your smartphone and take care of it, no matter where you are.     

In addition to the wireless boxes, the Whole Home DVR Solution’s multiple tuners allow you to record up to six different shows in up to five different rooms at one time, so no more arguing over which family member’s favorite show gets priority. It stores up to 75 hours of HD programming, so there’s no need to worry about having enough memory on your DVR. Another cool feature allows you to pause a show in one room and pick it back up in another, either immediately or hours later when you’re ready to resume.

If you have an existing Ritter cable TV package, the Whole Home DVR Solution starts at just $25 per month for equipment. That’s a small price for a product that can bring big changes to the way you and your family watch TV.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ritter Whole Home DVR Solution, contact Ritter Communications at 888.336.4466 or click here

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