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Your Router and Modem May Be Slowing You Down

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There’s more affecting your online experience than your available bandwidth. You may know that your processor, memory and network interface all play a large role in how quickly your device processes internet traffic. But, did you know your router and/or your modem also control your connection speeds?

A quick equipment audit may reveal outdated gear is restricting the flow of bandwidth to your devices. Technology is advancing rapidly. Equipment that was the latest and greatest two years ago may not be able to handle today’s speeds.

If you purchased your own modem or router, check the manufacturer’s website. Have they discontinued your model? How do they rate your model? In some cases a small investment of $30-40 in new equipment can result in noticeably faster internet speeds to your devices.

If you’re not sure which device will fit your needs and work with your service, just call your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They should have a list of recommended equipment to give you the best experience.

If your equipment is supplied from your ISP, give them a call to see if your equipment can still adequately handle your current internet speeds and browsing habits.

We all want the best browsing experience possible. Make sure your equipment isn’t hindering yours. 


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